Guest Lecturer Jean-Paul GUICHARD

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Jean-Paul GUICHARD, professor on the University of Nice will deliver a lecture at the Institute of Economics on the subjects of "Global economic crisis", "European economy" and "International Trade". The lecture will be held on 16 and 17 May as part of a series of lectures "Jean Monnet Chair" which will take place in the countries of the region. At the same time we invite you to attend the lecture of prof. Jean-Paul GUICHARD, who is also a renowned lecturer in International Economics, an author of a number of papers, and has won many awards. More information about the Professor Jean-Paul GUICHARD and the lecture can be obtained from the following link


The Institute of Economics – Skopje was founded in 1952 by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. As part of the 60th Anniversary celebration, the Institute will organize scientific conferences, round tables and other scientific events.


Последни публикации


Конференција „Населението на Балканот на прагот на 21-от век“


Акциите-инструмент на портфолио менаџментот

Автор: проф. д-р Диана Бошковска



Научната дијаспора од Република Македонија

Автор: проф. д-р. Верица Јанеска



Претприемничка лабораторија

Автори: Проф. д-р Татјана Петковска Мирчевска и Доц. д-р Зоран Јаневски



Меѓународен маркетинг концепциски, стратегиски и акциони аспекти

Автори: д-р Татјана Петковска и д-р Татјана Петковска – Мирчевска



Во издание на Економски институт – Скопје од печат излезе книгата „Претприемништво и електронска трговија“ од д-р Зоран Јаневски.



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SEE-6 1-2015

The SEE-6 Economic Outlook is the first issued publication prepared in cooperation with member institutions of the international association SEEA: The Institute of Economics Sarajevo; The Institute of Economics, Zagreb; The University of Montenegro, Faculty of Economics, Podgorica; The Institute of Economics – Skopje, University "SS. Cyril and Methodius"; Institute for Economic Research, Ljubljana and Institute of Economics Sciences, Belgrade.

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Regional-trade-integration-in-SEE benefits-and-challenges

(.pdf 2,7MB)

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