Institute of Economics – Skopje

HISTORY Founded in 1952

The Institute of Economics – Skopje as a unit within the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje, this year celebrates 70 years of its existence. Founded in 1952 as an independent scientific research institution at the Economic Council of the Government of the People’s Republic of Macedonia, it has been constantly developing its scientific activity in the field of economic sciences, organizational sciences and management, and demography.

Our Mission

Institute of Economics – Skopje is to be a leading institution in the country in the field of higher education and research, to identify the problems and needs of society related to economic activities in conditions of limited resources, and to find scientific and methodological knowledge and solutions to the previously mentioned problems in the field of microeconomics and macroeconomics.



In order to accomplish the above-mentioned activities, the Institute of Economics – Skopje is organized in three departments, with appointed heads:

  • Department of Economic Sciences,
  • Department of Organizational Sciences (Management),
  • Department of Demographics


The Scientific Council is a governing and professional body of the Institute. The Institute is headed by the Director, with the Institute’s Board as a governing body.Deputy Directors are in charge of performing certain activities in the field of science, international cooperation, teaching and finance.


The Administrative Office is in charge of the administrative, normative and technical issues of the Institute. This Office is managed by Secretary.


The Scientific Committee is the Institute’s body responsible for matters pertaining to educational activities (master’s and doctoral degree programs). The Editorial Board of the Institute deals with issues related to publishing activities.